Happy Wappu! Hauskaa Wappua!

Best Wappu-wishes from the board of Aalto ISM! We hope that you get to the spirit, enjoy some Wappu delicacies and of course join Aalto ISM’s Sima Break on Thursday.

Wappu celebrations are finally here. We are once again celebrating Wappu in exceptional conditions and hopeful next year we get enjoy a more traditional Wappu. This year Aalto ISM celebrates Wappu by organising this week’s Coffee Break as a Sima Break! Check out the event on Facebook and join us on 29th April at 18.00.

The rest of the Wappu celebrations are hosted by AYY, KY and the other associations and clubs. You can stay updated with what is going on in the Aalto student community by checking Wappu events (wappu.fi) and following the Wappu livestream (stream.wappu.fi).

Happy Wappu from ISM board ’21