There is still some Summer left!

Join us, the Guild of Physics, the Guild of Surveying Engineers and the Computer Science Guild for a summer cottage sits party on Thursday, 13.8.2020!

Summer is quickly nearing its end and soon studies will resume. For some, time has flown by and they wish they could have spent more time at their summer cottage, while others are longing to see their friends again. Thankfully, there is a way to satisfy both groups of people. The solution is the Summer Cottage Sitsit in Smökki on Thursday 13.8, organized by the songleaders of the Guild of Physics, the Guild of Surveying Engineers, the Computer Science Guild and Aalto ISM. A good time is guaranteed for everyone, so put on your favorite cottage outfit and come have fun with old and new friends!What: Summer Cottage Sitsit

Where: Smökki
When: Thursday 13 of August, cocktails 18.00 and Sitsit 18.30
Price: 15 €
DC: Summer cottage
Registration starts: 12.00, 27.7.2020
Link for registration
Event page:

Due to the coronavirus situation we would like to remind people to exercise extra caution. The Sitsit have an increased risk of droplet infection. Being indoors, singing and being in a large group of people increase the risk. Additionally, the food in the Sitsit is not made by professionals, which increases the infection risk. With all this taken into account, we ask all participants to adhere to the following recommendations:

  • If you feel at all sick or unwell, do not attend the event.
  • If you are diagnosed with a condition caused by the coronavirus up to 14 days following the event, inform the event’s responsible person and give your contact information. The responsible person will give the contact information of all participants to the officials so that all participants can be informed of the exposure.
  • Avoid meeting persons that belong in risk groups for at least a week after the event.

The responsible person for the event is Niklas Valuri, email or Telegram