Remember Aalto ISM social events and channels

On Thursday the new bachelor’s students got to meet their new fellow student and next week it’s the new master’s students’ turn. We’d like to share two things that help ISM students socialize during these WFH times.

ISM Telegram

ISM telegram is the official discussion channel for all members of Aalto ISM. You can join the channel through this link.

ISM Lenkki

ISM Lenkki is the jogging meet-up organized for ISM students by ISM students. ISM students meet up every Tuesday at 18.00 at the Hietsu outdoor gym(The original one, not the commercial one). Changes to plans are informed through the ISM Telegram, so be sure to join the TG group as well!

Reminder: Master’s Grand Opening

Are you a new master’s student? Don’t forget the Master’s Grand Opening at Atlantinkatu 7A starting at 5 PM on Monday the 31st of August. Get to meet the new students that you’ll be studying with this year and make sure you have familiar faces at lectures when the university opens up again!