Sunday Hike

WHAT: Sunday Hike
WHEN: Sunday 15.10. at 12.00, duration about 5-6 hours
WHERE: Luukki, Nuuksio National Park
GETTING THERE: Bus number 345 from Helsinki Central Railway Station or your own ride. We will go together with the bus leaving at 11.05.
WHO: All ISM + BA students
PRICE: Free!

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It’s time to take your backpack and head to the peaceful nature for Aalto BT’s Sunday Hike! Discover the beauty of nature in the scenic Luukki trail surrounded by crisp autumn air and the
vibrant colors of ”ruska” time.

Together we’ll go on an adventure to Nuuksio’s beautiful nature paths, hike the 8,6km Luukki Yellow Trail (more info about the trail) and enjoy good company and snacks.

You can come to Nuuksio – Luukki with public transport by bus 345, or organize your own ride. Note that it’s your responsibility to be there on time and find the rest of the group if you come late.

During the trip Aalto BT will offer you light snacks but you can bring your own food for outside grilling etc. if there is a possibility to make fire. You will need a water bottle, appropriate clothing and backpack. Swimming suit can be useful if you want to take a dip in one of the lakes along the route. The hike will happen unless there is a huge storm so dress accordingly!

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