Teacher of The Year 2021

Dear ISM students! It is time to figure out our teacher of the year! This award is designed to recognize the staff’s efforts, and give something back to those who make it their life’s work to educate us the best they can! We made it nice and simple to answer, so let’s show our appreciation and spend a minute to think about it!

Instructions for answering:

This is for the Calendar Year of 2021’s best teachers. So assess the teachers only based on courses you have taken with them during 2021 and rate them with how you feel out of 5.

These answers are completely anonymous and not shared with the faculty, so please be as honest as you can and let us reward the most deserving teacher of the year! It truly is something special to people when they receive an award.

The names are in alphabetical order.

Thanks for your time, and with love, the ISM board of 22′.

Fill out the form from this link!