Why to join the board of Aalto ISM in 2020

Hello! My name is Anette and I am the chairman of Aalto ISM. I wanted to share what we have been focusing on this year. As there are also new ISM students, let’s review our four visions: 

• Build and strengthen the ISM students’ community.

• Deliver relevant and interesting information to students

• Provide companies with tailored visibility to ISM students.

• Increase awareness of ISM and its students among potential employers and partners.

In short, we arrange events for our members that help them get to know each other as well as different companies! Our partners are McKinsey, Columbia Road, August Associates, Smartly.io and eCraft. We arrange excursions throughout the year and host events ranging from casual parties to more formal gatherings with representatives from our partner companies. The highlight of the year is Novemberfest, a Bavarian styled evening with food, drinks and singing that brings together our students, alumni and company representatives. This year Novemberfest is organized on the 28th of October!

This year we have expanded one of our event concepts: After exams, which are now held after each exam week! At these after exam events people can come long week to relax and meet new people. We organized each After Exam with a subject club form KY. We teamed up with Aalto Economics, IDBM Klubi and Aalto Marketing Society.

The importance of cooperation with faculty should not be underestimated. As a subject club we represent students in faculty’s decision making. In the past we have influenced how courses are distributed throughout the year and for example helped introduce a reward system to students for providing feedback on courses.  

A major thing for ISM students in the near future will be the recently formed Aalto ISM Alumni Association! The goal is to help bring alumni and current students closer and to maintain closer ties to our former students. 

As a chairman I have high hopes for the development of our subject club. It is soon time to choose the board for 2020 and therefore I will next tell you more about what kind of things you can do in the board. 

Currently, the maximum number of board members is ten. There are three positions that have to be filled during the annual meeting according to the association’s rules: Chairman, Vice Chairman and Treasurer. The others can be organized more freely. Of course, everyone helps each other out and we often work in pairs or small groups. In addition, there will always be tasks which do not fall directly within the scope of any specific role. The roles can also change!

Let’s look at the 

1. Responsibilities

2. Common tasks

3. Useful traits of the roles and 

4. Some personal benefits of being in the board.

Chairman – Anette Nikola

1. Overseeing the work of board and supporting board members in their roles. Represents the association in both formal and informal events and meetings. 

2. The chairperson is part of KY’s round table for chairs. The chairperson also belongs to AYY’s Neuvosto which consists of all special status associations chairs and meets roughly once or twice a month. In this way a chairperson works as an integrator of community members.  

3. Determination, commitment and people skills.

4. “Find people with similar passions and get to enhance ISM student community”

Vice Chairman – Iina Laine 

1. Serves as the right hand of the chair and organizes the annual study trip.

2. Checking up with board members, assisting in daily tasks, filling in for the chairman when necessary, reserving accommodation and planning visits of the study trip. In addition, VC assists with organizing events, e.g, contacting venues when needed, and works in close collaboration with the event coordinator. VC is expected to be ready to participate in meetings with company representatives and represent the association otherwise.

3. Determination, commitment, organizational and people skills.

4. I gained experience from project work, organizing a trip for a group and communicating with corporate representatives. It was rewarding to see the increasing interest from new students and companies towards ISM.

Treasurer – Joni Pirskanen 

1. Handles Aalto ISM’s financial matters

2. Invoicing, paying bills, bookkeeping, planning budgets, writing financial statements at the end of the year.

3. Excellent eye for detail, precision and commitment.

4. Meeting new people – learning budgeting & how to coordinate projects’ financial side – cooperation with companies

Academic Affairs Coordinator – Heidi Häyrynen 

1. Represents ISM students towards the faculty as a halloped and a board member of Aalto ISM.

2. Talking with the faculty on a regular basis, inviting them to Aalto ISM’s events, ensuring that the students’ voices are heard at development meetings.

3. Patience and persistence and a passion towards student advocacy and ISM.

4. “Inspired to make a difference and network with new people especially related to faculty affairs but also in KY (ky round table) and AYY (opn) level.”

Corporate & Alumni Relations – Essi Lepistö and Emilia Xue 

1. Establishes and maintains relationships with new and old partners, increases employer awareness about ISM students and facilitates meaningful encounters between the two.

2. Sending emails, negotiating partnership deals, phone calls, posting job adverts, visiting companies, ideating on events, drafting agenda of events, marketing events.

3. Good organizational skills and a highly proactive take. This year was the second time when Aalto ISM had two corporate relations representatives. We divided our tasks on the go and covered for each other when necessary

4.1 ”Getting to know relevant companies and possible future employers”

4.2 “Further develop and establish new relationships with companies, have fun planning the events and get a good overview of what kind of career outlooks ISM alumni have.”

Communications – Heini Könönen 

1. Keeps students of Aalto ISM’s community informed on Aalto ISM related matters.

2. Creating marketing materials and Facebook pages for events, writing newsletters, social media posts and being the expert on Aalto ISM’s brand guideline.

3. Creativity, attention to detail and persistence.

4.  “Got to work with communications & visuals and meet new interesting people in fun events!

Event Coordinator – Paavo Nissinen 

1. Organizes Aalto ISM’s core internal events, e.g. Novemberfest.

2. Writing emails, phonecalls, reserving premises, catering, planning the program and agenda for events, marketing events and handling signups for events.

3. Good organizational skills and a highly proactive take.

4. “Getting new experiences and meeting new people” 

International Affairs – Linh Nguyen

1. Advances the interests of international students 

2. Interviewing students and informing international students

3. Self guided attitude

4. “Meet new great people and co-operate with other subject clubs for joint events.”

Senior Advisor – Juuso Kivinen 

1. Advises other board members based on learnings from previous years

2. Making sure the message stays consistant

3. Previous experience in Aalto ISM

4. “Being a part of running a small organization”

We will be sharing our stories in instagram: AaltoISM

If you want to hear more about any specific role, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us: hello(a)aaltoism.fi. The board members will gladly sit down with you and tell you more.

The annual general meeting of Aalto ISM, i.e. elections of the new board will be held on December 5th. If you are planning on applying to the board of 2020, mark down 13.-15. of December to your calendar since we will have an introductory weekend and party for new boardies. 

Chairman of the Board, 

Anette Nikola