Aalto Business Technology ry

The subject club for Information and Service Management – and Business Analytics -programs at Aalto University School of Business.

Established in 2007, the subject club organises over a dozen student events yearly, collaborates with exciting companies to organise interesting excursions, represents ISM and BA students on academic matters, promotes the partners’ jobs and other ads as well as overall aims to build a tight community for over 800 students.

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What do ISM and BA students study?

ISM and BA graduates have broad career prospects in the modern data-driven market. Information and Service Management consists of 3 specialisation tracks, from which students can take courses from one or many of the tracks. In Business Analytics students are also able to select from 3 specialisations, but can choose only one of them.

Graduates of ISM and BA are employed in various consulting, data analytics, logistics, sustainability and IT roles and have some of the highest starting salaries of all business majors.

Business Analytics (ISM)

The focus is on managing and analysing the rapidly growing volume and variety of data available, to be utilized for business, technology and competitive intelligence.

Managerial themes of the resulting data-driven decision-making include consumer analyses in traditional and digital markets, risk control (e.g. financial risk management), and effective utilisation of new technologies for developing and launching new products and services. 

Information Systems Science (ISM)

The focus is on managing and developing business processes using information systems and networks, as well as IT project management and IT project implementation.

Topics include strategic management of information technology, digital services, IT enabled platforms, and use of IT, as well as software business and their strategic applications.

Supply Chain Management (ISM)

The focus is on the capabilities to manage and develop companies’ production, distribution, supply, purchasing and service operations.

Topics include supply chain management in various operating environments, service development and operations, inventory management models and policies, quality management and different business models. 

Accounting Analytics (BA)

The focus is on gaining a managerial overview of the potential uses of data in accounting contexts as well as analysing data to create insights for strategic and operational decision-making.

The specialisation courses dive deep into accounting information systems, data protection and accounting and audit analytics.

Marketing Analytics (BA)

The focus is on digital marketing and how it can be guided using customer data, analytics and automation.

The specialisation courses offer wide knowledge on how to track customer behaviour and turn it into useful insights for marketing decision making as well as how data can be used to enhance services.

Supply Chain Analytics (BA)

The focus is on data-driven planning of logistics, sourcing, operations and quality management while ensuring supply chain sustainability.

The specialisation courses introduce a variety of analytical methods and quantitative tools for logistics management supported by managerial best practices.

Top 6 reasons to choose ISM or BA

Quality courses

The direct work-life applicability of skills gained during courses and high quality of teaching make studies interesting and motivating.

Active community

BT community is large and open. Everyone surely finds their kind of people and the subject club is especially known for having many international students.

Skills for future

Become an expert in the sector making other sectors smaller. The high-in-demand skills taught in ISM and BA future-proof your career.

Respected majors

ISM and BA graduates are truly pulled to the job market and 85% of our students are already employed in the field before graduation.

Top salaries

Data is the new oil and ISM and BA create data fluent people. Graduates average 6 472 €/m salary 5 years after graduation.

Interesting career paths

ISM and BA give skillsets that can be taken anywhere in the world to solve any business case.

For Companies

Aalto BT can help your company reach skilled students and recent graduates in business analytics, information systems and logistics. The interdisciplinary background of the degree programmes gives our members a wide perspective about how to manage the ever growing supply of data and latest technologies in a sustainable way. We offer multiple ways of reaching and engaging with our members.

Events and excursions

Present to and meet with students.

Job ad channels

Reach the eyes of top applicants directly.

Multichannel reach

Get featured on variety of channels followed by our members.

Let’s collaborate!

Excited to work with us? Reach out to our partner responsibles (Pictures incoming), Ji and Juho, via email.

The Board of Aalto BT ry

Meet and connect with the team behind the magic. We’re always open for new possibilities.

Tua HalenChair
Mikael BlinnikkaVice Chair
Toni NiemiSenior Advisor
Aleksanteri RoihaTreasurer
Ji YangCorporate Relations
Juho RistimäkiCorporate Relations
Wilhelmina PettinenEvent Coordinator
Joonas VesterinenCorporate Communications
Aku RaunioCommunications Coordinator
Emmi SalonenBrand Manager
Juho LoikkanenProject Coordinator
Veikko MiltonAcademic Affairs

Board photos by Frans Kangasniemi.