Aalto Business Technology ry, Autumn Meeting

WHAT: Aalto BT ry’s Autumn Meeting and Board Election
WHEN: 15.11.2022 at 17:30 (meeting starts at 18:00)
WHERE: Vaasankadun sauna and cabinet (the highest floor), Vaasankatu 10, 00500 Helsinki
WHO: All Aalto BT ry members
WHY: Affect your subject club’s future and your own student life!
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  1. Opening the meeting
    1. 1.1. Recording the present 
  2. Electing the chair of the meeting
  3. Electing the secretary of the meeting
  4. Choosing the examiners of the minutes
  5. Choosing the counters of the votes
  6. Recording the lawfulness and quorum of the meeting
  7. Confirming the agenda
  8. Electing the chair of the board and the members of the board of 2023
  9. Electing the auditors for 2022
  10. Other emerging issues
  11. Closing the meeting

In Espoo, 28.10.2022

Janina Paasila, Chair of Aalto BT ry