Sunday Hike

It’s time to take your backpack and head to the peaceful nature since Aalto ISM’s fall hike is here. Together we’ll go on an adventure to Luukki’s beautiful nature paths, hike the 8,6km route and enjoy delicious trip snacks.

Read more about Luukki.

We will be going to Luukki with ridesharing, so the number of participants depends on how many cars will be available. You will receive a confirmation on Tuesday 5.10. on whether you have a ride. You can also come to Luukki with public transport with bus 345. Note that with bus it’s your responsibility to be there on time and find the rest of the group.

If you have a car, please consider giving a ride to other eager hikers and announce it on the sign-up form. Car riders who offer rides to others will be compensated for the gas.

During the trip Aalto ISM will offer you soda and hot dogs so no need for your own snacks (unless you want to). You will only need a water bottle, appropriate clothing and backpack. The hike will happen unless there is a huge storm so dress accordingly!

Check out the event on Facebook and sign-up by Monday 4.10.!